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Disclaimer: graphic,  DV

On March 4th I was the victim of a brutal domestic violence attack by my ex boyfriend.

I was hospitalized, and I am struggling daily.

I am not working right now, nor do I have any set-in-stone plans on returning once I do heal. 

This has been very, very traumatic for me, and I ask that you give me grace and patience as I heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

If you want to assist in easing the financial burden, I will provide my payment methods below. 

If you want to know more about what happened, I have added a section with further details. ("More Info")



CA: $Mpuffx

Venmo: Mocha-Puff


If you want to send doordash giftcards, send to


I thank you all for the love and support you have given me so far. Without you, I dont know how I could have made it through this.


Healing is not linear. Every day feels like new struggles are emerging, that I now have to conquer and I dont feel like it's fair... 

As much love and effort I put into that relationship, to be met with this level of violence has completely altered my ability to trust and my ability to feel safe around men. 

I won't say much more, I am really struggling each day & I just hope that those with a pinch of empathy will be able to hear me and understand that I am trying my very best, but this is very, very difficult and I wouldn't wish it on anybody. 

My 408 number has been deactivated for a couple weeks now, if you're trying to reach me at that number you will not get a response. Please email if need to contact. Thank you.

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