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 Hi! I'm   Mocha Puff!

Hey there! Welcome to my website.

I'd like to share my story with you. It began in 2015, when I was still in college. Although I was working a "traditional" job, going in for my shifts every day was sometimes difficult due to health problems I was dealing with at the time. Frustrated with my situation & wanting so badly to be able to have my own spending money (without having to ask my parents) I did a little research and stumbled on this cam site.

I couldn't tell you the name of it now, but that single site changed my life. 

I only had my laptop, cellphone, this dirty old purple rabbit vibrator, and a body full of nerves. But that's all I needed to start what would be an incredibly magical career in this big exiting world of sex.

My first show went better than I expected. The biggest surprise for me was how much I enjoyed myself. I didn't think it could be possible to have fun on the job.

From webcam shows, I eventually discovered clip-production. In college, I took some courses for film because I thought I'd go the traditional Hollywood path & become a director or something. 

I love that I'm able to use my film production skills & knowledge to create killer porn flicks, and truthfully believe I'm better suited to create this kind (sexual) of media, anyway. 

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Webcamming & clip production eventually led me to pursue the independent escorting industry, which I've thoroughly enjoyed. It's an entirely different experience than online sex work and just another cool way to connect with people's mind, bodies & spirits. 

Sex work allows me to be creative, to meet new people & to run my own business, and constantly learn new things about sex, sexuality & intimacy, and experience both myself & others in some of the most intimate & vulnerable positions. 

I get to participate & fight for in a community that's still widely misunderstood & stigmatized, yet has so much love & support flowing through it. So beyond paying bills, sex work has also given me a sense of purpose. 

This is home for me & I love it here.

I spend most of my leisure time watching TV, listening/dancing to music, sketching, working on unfinished art pieces, playing with my poi, my ukulele & guitar, reading, dancing down the streets with my headphones on, & playing with my Siamese cat, Yesterday.

Most recently, after a fairly traumatic heart surgery, I've been rebuilding my strength & planning ahead for my bright future living with my artificial aorta. 


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